Dortech has just invested over £50,000 in new IT hardware and Software for it’s site teams & Contract staff. The investment includes the latest iPads, BIM360 and Fieldview site reporting software and a new Cloud based telephone and mobile phone system.

This innovation is already yielding significant benefits to the whole business in respect to:

  • Improved communications: Issues and progress can be easily collated and reported to a defined distribution group within seconds of producing a report.
  • Higher Quality Reporting: Photos can be taken and dropped into reports after site ‘walk-arounds’, or meetings, they can then be easily an-noted where necessary.
  • More Timely Reporting: Reports and updated can be made and accessed within a click of a button.
  • Flagging of Issues: Issues, such as end of project snagging can be identified, highlighted on drawings and can then be accessed by the whole site team, providing a platform all parties can feed into and communicate through.
  • Collaboration and Interfacing with our customers: Our teams use the same software platforms as our customers, meaning that we can quickly and easily communicate live updates on projects we are involved with.
  • Interfacing with BIM: Our site teams can access and feed into BIM models whilst on the move, or on site.