Dortech would like to congratulate their Contracts Coordinator, Zara King for having recently participated and completed Total Warrior which is thought to be one of the toughest 10 kilometre events on the planet.

Zara managed to single handedly raise £2,000 for the Motor Neurone Disease Association, which was chosen as this is a condition her 9 year old Nephew has been afflicted with. The condition is debilitating and terminal and at present there is no treatment available to reverse its onset.

Zara herself had had a difficult 12 months, so considering the significant amount of training and conditioning she had to undertake this is an incredible achievement.

On completion, Zara commented; “It is something that I had to do for me, to be able to combat this and finally say that my past was finally behind me and that no matter life will throw my way I could and can handle to head on and do right by my son.The hardest part was by far the cold weather, this was awful, each obstacle in its own right was hard but each one was taken on direct no messing and each one we were victorious (all 30 No), from the jumping through fire, ice bath, electric shock, muddy trenches which were waist high, to crawling through the mud and under barbed wire trying hard not to get cut to shred ever aspect pushed and challenge in ways that you never thought was possible. The best part was the sense of achievement at the end, as well as the beer that we were handed. But even better was the cup of coffee, and the 6 hot showers once I got home, followed by the night out on town with the girls.”