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Dortech Architectural Systems Ltd, a leader in the commercial glazing and maintenance services sector, proudly marks its 30th anniversary with an exceptional journey of adaptability and innovation. In a dynamic industry, Dortech’s strategy of diversification into new markets and sales channels while maintaining focus on its core business has been instrumental to its enduring success.

Dortech Architectural Systems Ltd, the cornerstone of the Dortech Group, specialises in the design, manufacture, and installation of high-quality aluminium-framed glazing products. With over three decades of experience, the company has solidified its leadership position in the commercial glazing sector. As regulations governing the use of materials in building facades become more stringent, Dortech Architectural Systems Ltd is poised to meet the demand for energy-efficient and sustainable solutions.

Dortech Maintenance Ltd, a key component of the group, provides vital aftercare services for projects undertaken by Dortech Architectural Systems Ltd. This symbiotic relationship ensures that the company’s installations continue to perform at their peak, providing long-term value to clients. With a significant increase in both the quantity and value of orders invoiced over the years, Dortech Maintenance Ltd is a thriving business, exemplifying Dortech’s unwavering commitment to quality services and customer satisfaction.

Dortech Direct Ltd, another branch of the Dortech Group, plays a crucial role in the construction industry by providing other glazing companies with access to specialist construction materials at competitive prices. This thriving e-commerce venture has established Dortech as a reliable source for industry-specific materials from major international companies.

Dortech Doors, a division specialising in high-quality domestic aluminium doors, is a prime example of leveraging core skills and resources to tap into new markets. With the growing demand for secure and durable front doors, Dortech Doors offers a significant additional revenue stream while staying true to Dortech’s core competencies.

Steve Sutherland, the Group Chairman, reflected on this important milestone commenting, “As we celebrate our 30th anniversary, we’re not just marking the passage of time, but reflecting on our journey of successes and lessons learned. Our enduring success is built on the dual pillars of adaptability and a steadfast focus on our core business. We’ve not only weathered economic challenges but have thrived by diversifying into new markets and sales channels.

 Our forward-moving strategy is clear: we aim to develop these new markets and channels, giving our business greater depth and stability. Our commitment to providing quality services and innovative solutions remains unwavering as we continue to lead in the commercial glazing and maintenance services sector.”

Throughout its remarkable journey, Dortech Architectural Systems Ltd has cultivated lasting client relationships, solid financial management practices, and an unwavering commitment to training and development. As they celebrate their 30th anniversary, Dortech is poised for continued success in the ever-evolving construction industry.

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