A Commitment to Excellence in Architectural Glazing

We are thrilled to share our achievements in the recently completed Houndshill Phase Two development in Blackpool. This project comprised of the the design, manufacture, and installation of modern architectural glazing works. Our involvement in this prestigious project, under the appointment of GRAHAM Construction and in collaboration with Covell Matthews Architects, underscores our capability and expertise in the architectural glazing industry.


The Scope of Our Involvement

At Dortech, we pride ourselves on our technical prowess and innovative approaches, which were fully deployed in delivering approximately 1,000m² of glazing that included curtain walling, entrance screens, automated doors, and windows for this development. Our choice of Technal—a Hydro systems company—for the aluminium profiles ensured that all products not only met but exceeded the rigorous performance standards expected on such a landmark project.


A Partnership Based on Professional Excellence

Our collaboration with GRAHAM Construction has been nothing short of exemplary. Being selected by GRAHAM, known for their stringent standards and comprehensive project management prowess, was a significant affirmation of the trust and reliability Dortech brings to the table. The professionalism and organizational acumen of GRAHAM’s site team played a crucial role in the seamless execution of our installation work, ensuring high quality and timely completion of all glazing components.


Beyond Installation: A Focus on Sustainability and Innovation

Sustainability remains at the heart of what we do at Dortech. Our products for the Houndshill project were designed with an emphasis on reducing environmental impact, enhancing thermal performance, and ensuring superior weather resistance and sound insulation. This not only supports the environmental goals of our projects but also contributes to the long-term operational efficiencies for our clients.


Looking Forward: The Impact of Our Work

The completion of the Houndshill Phase Two is expected to significantly boost local commerce and enhance the aesthetic and functional quality of the shopping centre. It is projected to attract an additional 1.2 million visitors and shoppers annually, creating vibrant new retail and leisure experiences that are essential for the modern consumer.


The project also aligns perfectly with Blackpool Council’s vision for a revitalized town centre, combining heritage with cutting-edge design to foster a thriving urban environment.


Our work at the Houndshill Shopping Centre is a testament to Dortech’s dedication to excellence and innovation in architectural glazing. We are proud to have contributed to a project that will leave a lasting positive impact on Blackpool’s urban landscape. Looking to the future, we remain committed to bringing our technical expertise and innovative solutions to more transformative projects.


It has been an absolute pleasure working alongside GRAHAM Construction and other key stakeholders on this project. We thank them for their partnership and look forward to future collaborations that push the boundaries of architectural design and functionality.


At Dortech, we continue to set the bar high, ensuring that our glazing solutions are not just components of a building, but pivotal features that enhance the liveability and sustainability of environments across the UK and beyond.