Dortech Architectural Systems Ltd is proud to announce that it has been chosen by Willmott Dixon to design, manufacture and install architectural glazing for the new Halifax bus depot. The £15.8 million project, which began in March of this year, will feature approximately 1,500m2 of high-quality glazing and is being delivered in partnership with the West Yorkshire Combined Authority and Calderdale Council. The new depot is set to provide passengers with improved access to the town centre, electric bus charging stations, bike parking, and a variety of other amenities.

The design of the new bus depot was created by Leeds-based SGP Architects & Master Planners and will include a fully enclosed passenger entrance and concourse, offering passengers a safer and more secure waiting environment, complete with real-time bus and rail information to help with onward journeys. In addition, the depot will feature level walking routes for all users and a variety of shops, making it a convenient and accessible transportation hub.

To bring the project to life, Dortech has incorporated Technal’s MX52 GD curtain walling, complete with concealed opening vents and commercial entrance doors. The use of high-quality materials and innovative design techniques will ensure that the finished product is not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing, complementing the heritage and urban fabric of Halifax town centre.

The new Halifax bus depot will provide passengers with a modern and fit-for-purpose transportation hub that is designed with their needs in mind. From the fully enclosed passenger entrance and concourse to the electric bus charging stations, bike parking, and real-time bus and rail information, this new facility will make travel easier and more convenient for all. Additionally, the green roof and wall complete with plants will help to improve the local environment, making it a more attractive and welcoming space for passengers.

When the project is completed in 2023, the new Halifax bus depot will be a world-class facility that sets the standard for transportation hubs around the world. Dortech is honoured to have been chosen to play a key role in this exciting project and is looking forward to working with Willmott Dixon, SGP Architects & Master Planners, and the West Yorkshire Combined Authority and Calderdale Council to bring this visionary project to life.