In the heart of Manchester, an ambitious project has been completed, transforming the city’s landscape and setting new standards for innovation and construction excellence. The Manchester Waters project, an integration of residential and commercial spaces, stands as a testament to successful collaboration.

The Manchester Waters project, a venture of this magnitude, faced its fair share of challenges. Unpredictable Manchester weather, stringent programme durations, fluctuating prices of core materials like aluminum and glass – both energy-intensive to manufacture – and rising energy costs added layers of complexity. However, what truly sets this project apart is not the adversity it encountered but how it overcame these challenges through teamwork and a unified vision.

Main Contractors Vermont played a pivotal role, turning challenges into opportunities. The triumphant completion of the Manchester Waters project is credited to Vermont’s site team, marked by their positive and inclusive approach. Their partnership with Dortech was more than a contract; it was a shared commitment to excellence and the cultivation of a positive site culture.

Reflecting on the project’s success, Dortech’s Managing Director, Paul Trueman, emphasises the importance of the relationships formed during the journey. He notes, “The success of the Manchester Waters project is attributed to Vermont’s unwavering emphasis on building positive relationships throughout their supply chain. It’s not just about the materials; it’s about the people who make it happen. Working with the Vermont team has been a real pleasure!”

Manchester Waters – Across the river

A well-executed project is characterised by the harmonious integration of all involved trades. Vermont ensured that this project was a symphony of skilled professionals working seamlessly. It was about more than meeting deadlines; it was about exceeding expectations and leaving an enduring mark on Manchester’s skyline.

Vermont’s emphasis on effective communication, meticulous planning, and seamless coordination created an environment where every trade felt valued, understood, and motivated to excel. This inclusive approach led to a site culture fostering camaraderie, respect, and unwavering commitment to excellence.

As the Manchester Waters project nears completion, it serves as a testament to the potential ahead. Dortech Architectural Systems Ltd, in partnership with Vermont, demonstrates that innovation and collaboration can lead to remarkable success. The Manchester Waters development offers a vision of urban living intertwined with tranquillity, a unique and vibrant community.

Manchester Waters – Facade

Through teamwork, dedication, and a shared vision, it has emerged as a testament to what can be achieved when partners are committed to delivering excellence. The Manchester Waters development stands as a testament to the power of partnerships, the strength of positive site cultures, and the potential of collaboration to overcome the most formidable challenges.

Dortech Architectural Systems Ltd eagerly anticipates the next chapter of collaboration with Vermont on their upcoming projects. Together, they will continue pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved in the world of construction, leaving a lasting mark on the cities they touch.

Manchester Waters – Entrance Screen

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