Aluminium curtain walling refers to a type of building facade that is made up of a lightweight, non-structural aluminum frame and glazing. The frame is attached to the building structure and serves to support the glazing, which is often made of glass or other transparent materials. Curtain walling systems are typically used on high-rise buildings and other commercial structures, and are designed to provide a weather-resistant, attractive, and energy-efficient façade.

Aluminium curtain walling is a popular choice for architects and building owners because of its versatility and durability. The non-structural aluminum frame can be designed to fit a wide variety of building shapes and sizes, and it can be easily configured to accommodate different types of glazing, such as clear or opaque panels, sunshades, or louvers. Additionally, aluminum is a corrosion-resistant material that requires little maintenance, making it ideal for use in harsh environments.

The glazing used in curtain walling systems can also provide a range of benefits, including energy efficiency, natural light, and sound insulation. When properly designed and installed, aluminium curtain walling systems can help to reduce heating and cooling costs, improve the indoor environment, and provide a high level of protection from the elements.

Overall, aluminium curtain walling is an important component of modern building design, and it plays a critical role in shaping the look, feel, and performance of commercial structures.

  • Structural integrity: The aluminum curtain wall system must be strong enough to resist wind loads, seismic activity, and other external forces.
  • Thermal insulation: Aluminum curtain walls must provide adequate thermal insulation to keep the interior of the building comfortable and energy efficient.
  • Weather resistance: The aluminum curtain wall must be designed to keep water, wind, and other elements out of the building, while also allowing for proper ventilation.
  • Aesthetics: Aluminum curtain walls are often designed to be visually appealing and to complement the overall architectural style of the building.
  • Durability: Aluminum is a durable and long-lasting material, and aluminum curtain walls must be able to withstand exposure to the elements for many years without requiring significant maintenance.
  • Ease of maintenance: The aluminum curtain wall system must be easy to clean and maintain, to ensure that it continues to look good and perform well over time.
  • Sustainability: Many aluminum curtain walls are designed to be environmentally friendly and energy efficient, incorporating features such as double glazing and high-performance insulation to minimise the building’s energy usage.

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