As the old saying goes, “if you buy cheap, you buy twice.” And nowhere is that truer than in the UK construction market, where the pressure to buy products and materials cheaply is constantly increasing. But in a volatile economy with high levels of inflation and ever-increasing material costs, cutting corners and pinching pennies can be a recipe for disaster.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “we don’t have the budget! I can’t just throw cash around willy-nilly!” And I get it, I really do. Nobody wants to overspend or waste money. But when it comes to the construction industry, paying the right price for materials and products is crucial for a successful project. And here’s why:

  1. First of all, let’s talk about inflation. It’s a fact of life, like death and taxes. But in recent years, inflation in the UK has been on the rise, with the consumer price index hitting a 10-year high in 2021. And when inflation goes up, so do the costs of materials and products. That means if you’re not willing to pay the right price for what you need, you could end up with subpar materials or products that won’t stand the test of time. And when you have to go back and replace those shoddy materials, you’re not just wasting money – you’re wasting time, too.
  2. But it’s not just inflation that’s driving up the costs of construction materials. Energy supplies are also a major factor. With the UK facing an energy crisis, prices are soaring and that’s having a knock-on effect on the construction industry. And let’s not forget about those ever-tightening building regulations. As new rules and standards are introduced, the cost of compliance goes up, too.

So what’s the solution?

Well, it’s simple, really: pay the right price. Don’t skimp on materials or products just to save a few quid. Yes, you might save money in the short term, but in the long run, you’re setting yourself up for failure. Instead, invest in quality materials and products that will stand the test of time. If that means spending a bit more money upfront, so be it.

Of course, I know that’s easier said than done. With so many suppliers vying for your business, it can be hard to know who to trust. But the good news is that there are ways to make sure you’re getting a fair price. Do your research, shop around and don’t be afraid to negotiate. And if you’re not sure whether a particular product or material is worth the money, ask for recommendations or check online reviews.

The UK construction market is facing some serious challenges right now and the pressure to buy cheap is only making things worse. But if you want your project to be a success, you need to be willing to pay the right price for materials and products. Yes, it might cost you more upfront, but in the long run, it will save you time, money and a whole lot of headaches. And, if nothing else, you can always console yourself with the knowledge that you’re not the one buying cheap twice.

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