Dortech has just introduced its new Dor-Strong robust commercial aluminium door. This innovative new product is proving to be incredibly popular in high traffic pedestrian environments, including Schools, Shopping Centres and Hospitals.

The door is constructed using aluminium commercial door sections with a number of special enhancements including welded corners, additional tie rods, steel reinforced door thresholds and extra robust bottom pivots. These components typically need to be replaced on a regular basis with standard commercial doors and the costs of maintenance and repair work can sometimes be significantly higher than just buying a higher quality product in the first place!

Since opening our doors in 1993, we have manufactured over 20,000 door sets and over the past few years our Maintenance Division, have repaired and replaced literally hundreds of doors. During this time, we have found the same repeat problems time and time again which is why we decided to develop the Dor-Strong TMconcept.

Dor-Strong TM  has already proven extremely popular and so far this year we have installed it in a number of different locations in the UK. Customer feedback so far has been incredibly positive, so if you would like to learn more, or if you would like a free quotation, please contact our helpdesk today (phone 01484 451177 or click the button below) who will be delighted to help you!